Andrew Allen Gas & Plumbing

08 September 2014

Based in Bridgend, Andrew Allen Gas & Plumbing Ltd was founded in 1993 by ex-British Gas engineer Andrew Allen. The company has taken on a few JTL apprentices in the past, but currently the only apprentice is Andrew's daughter Samantha Allen. Samantha had begun a career in customer service but, at 24, expressed an interest in following the family tradition. Having never been presented with an apprenticeship or career as a plumber at school due to “being a girl”, she started down her new career path relatively late. However, with support from JTL, she has made excellent progress, finishing four years of apprenticeship training in three, learning on the job while studying one day per week on day release at college.

Company founder and proud dad Andrew is unequivocal in his support for apprenticeships. He believes that it can be too easy to get stuck in a rut and that apprentices bring much needed innovation to the business. Although he acknowledges that there is a cost involved in terms of wages and impact on workflow, he believes that apprentices are an invaluable investment in the future, ensuring a continuation of the skills that are critical to the company – and the industry's – very survival.

Andrew is also full of praise for the help JTL has provided. “The support from JTL has been first class,” he says. “We've had direct access to the training coordinator at JTL, so it was brilliant to know that we could pick up the phone and he was available. There are other training providers and ways of doing it, but I’ve never bothered looking elsewhere because JTL have always been first class.” 

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