02 July 2014

After a long history of providing standard plumbing and gas maintenance services Gasway Services are expanding into areas such as renewables and LPG services with the help of JTL as their training provider. 

The nature of the business' diversification plans means a requirement for electricians alongside gas and plumbing professionals has emerged. As the business expands so does the need to engage new apprentices to adequately fill the skills gap.

Gasway has a record of embracing new technologies to improve service provision  to customers and JTL are involved to ensure their training programmes allow apprentices to achieve the skills needed to make that happen.

According to Barry Ellis, Operations Director: " Apprentices are the lifeblood of our industry. It is important to encourage youngsters to come into engineering...and we need to make sure that we've got the skillsets going forward as the energy requirements change...the apprentices that we have through JTL have proven very good...JTL were a total solution from the I wasn't about to look elsewhere."

For many year Gasway operated its own in-house training provision. However, 5 years ago it became clear that management commitments had stretched the company in such a way as to inhibit its long tradition of sourcing then training new apprentices. This had a noticeable impact on the company's ongoing efectiveness. JTL were able to step in a this point and fill this gap seamlessly. JTL provided three quality candidates to the business and although they had only been looking for two new apprentices the standard of the possible apprentices was so impressive that they recruited all three.

One of those apprentices, Harry Mason, is very satisfied with this situation. "I wanted to do an apprenticeship because you were learning on a the job and getting paid for it..with JTL apprenticeships they provide you with better training... they funded me which means I get a higher level of education..thats why I thought it was better than further education."

JTL help provided Gasway with a practical training framework encompassing an effective support system for the apprentices and training officers with an industry background who visit them both on site and at college to ensure the required standards for the trainees are being met.

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