Jonathan Kane

03 July 2014

 Jonathan Kane is an apprentice electrician for Bradley Engineering Services in Sunderland. He was inspired to follow his chosen path by his uncle, whose skills as an electrical contractor had taken him all over the world, something that very much appealed to Jonathan. He also decided that he didn't want to spend three years at college sitting in front of a computer when he could be earning his own money and doing something more practical and hands-on.

 "Apprenticeships are really the way forward for young people nowadays,” he says. “University can be very expensive and, if you're more hands-on, the apprenticeship route will take you much further."

Having heard of JTL before taking up his apprenticeship, Jonathan saw a JTL adviser who suggested he find an company who offered apprenticeships then proceed from there. His course is broken up into three to four week periods working on site, followed by two weeks studying at college. While it was the hands-on work that attracted him to an apprenticeship, Jonathan says that he really enjoys the college side as he can relate what he’s learning directly to what he does in his job.

 Jonathan’s JTL training officer remains in constant and regular contact, making sure every aspect of the training, both practical and academic, is completed on time and to the required standard. He also offers consistent support and guidance on a pastoral level.

 “I think JTL is a really good apprenticeship,” Jonathan says, “because they give you advice, they show you which paths to take and they contact you all the time. If I don't like something, I feel I can tell my training officer, so I feel really close to JTL.”

 Jonathan says that his confidence has been boosted by the apprenticeship and he now plans to take his training further, hopefully achieving a degree in electrical engineering at some point in the future. Beyond that, he one day hopes to emigrate to Australia where he can put his skills and training to good – and potentially very lucrative – use. Meanwhile, he is happy to be learning and earning while many of his friends are at college and strapped for cash.

 “I’d definitely recommend a JTL apprenticeship to other young people,” he says. “It’s a path that’s definitely worth looking into because you never know – once start it, you might love it."

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