St Leger Homes

08 September 2014

St Leger Homes, based in Doncaster, was established as a not-for-profit company by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council in 2005 to manage the day-to-day running and maintenance of around 21,000 council homes. Currently, St Leger Homes is carrying out a £300 million programme to bring these homes into line with the guidelines laid down by the Decent Homes Standard. It’s the single biggest housing improvement programme ever undertaken in Doncaster.

The company currently employs 24 craft apprentices, recruiting around half a dozen each year, and apprenticeships play a big role in the company’s strategy for meeting future business needs. JTL provides training and support for electricians and plumbers throughout their four-year apprenticeships. JTL has also recently helped established electricians gain the NVQ Level 3 qualification to enable them to attain the ECS card. 


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