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What is the Experienced Worker Route qualification?

The qualification is not a training course, but is an assessment opportunity for those who have been working in the industry for some time, but, for whatever reason, don’t hold the necessary qualification at Level 3, it will enable them to have their knowledge and successful assessment will entitle the individual to apply for their ECS Gold Card.

Who is the qualification / scheme for?

Experienced persons who have been working as a practicing electrician for a minimum of 5 years.

What will I have to do to achieve the qualification?

Demonstrate your competence in terms of technical knowledge and performance, in the workplace and to industry level 3 standards, as well as successfully completing the industry independent assessment of occupational competence, AM2, as regulated by industry assessment charity National Electrotechnical Training

Can I apply for this qualification if I am not currently working in the industry?

Yes. This assessment is designed to be achievable by anyone who is genuinely engaged in the electrotechnical industry and who can provide evidence that they can work competently to the required industry standard based on evidence of their recent performance in the work place.

Can I apply for this qualification if I have never worked in the industry?

No. This qualification can only be achieved by those who have worked as a practicing electrician for a minimum of 5 years. If you have never worked in the industry then we can offer advice regarding further development that will better suit your needs. Please contact us on 0800 0852308 or email

If I do not meet the acceptance entry criteria, what can I do?

Everyone’s circumstances are different and you will therefore be given specific and appropriate guidance on this when you enquire.

What technical qualifications do I require to apply for this scheme?

Ideally and en-route to becoming a practicing electrician, you should have completed one of the relevant electrotechnical theory courses listed below:

  • C&G ‘A’ certificate
  • C&G ‘A’ certificate and ‘B’ certificate
  • C&G 2360 Part 1
  • C&G 2360 Part 1 plus 2360 Part 2
  • C&G 2351 L3
  • C&G 2330 L2
  • C&G 2330 L2 plus C&G 2330 L3

(Other UK based qualifications, such as BTEC, NC/HNC etc., may also be taken into consideration against the underpinning knowledge requirements of the award.)

However, irrespective of the knowledge evidence presented, you will be expected to demonstrate to an assessor that you have an acceptable knowledge of electrical principles as well as of the current industry requirements with respect to the IET Wiring Regulations and Inspection & Testing.

I have just started working in the industry - am I eligible?

No. This assessment is not suitable for new entrants to the electrotechnical industry, apprentices, or other trainees who require any training. If you have just started working in the industry then please contact us on 0800 0852308 or email and we can offer free advice regarding courses that will better suit your needs.

I have worked in the industry for a number of years. What evidence is required of my past experience?

Candidates must be able to provide sufficient evidence from the workplace of their previous competent performance on site that fully covers the requirements of the qualification. Evidence is required of subjects such as health & safety, installing a range of wiring systems and enclosures, installing, and connecting a range of electrical equipment, inspecting & testing installations and fault diagnosis & rectification. Such evidence can only be accepted if it is no more than 24 months old.

How do I apply for this qualification?

Call us on 0800 085 2308 and the team will talk you through the eligibility criteria. Following this, if you feel you can achieve the qualification, you will be contacted by one our assessors who will discuss your assessment plan with you.

What sort of information do I have to produce for my NVQ?

You need to provide evidence of your previous competent performance. This evidence can take a variety of forms and will include observation of your performance in the workplace, authenticated written reports of your work, employer witness testimony, photographs and 1:1 professional discussions with your assessor.

How much will it cost me?

Under the TESP Scheme, JTL is discounting the cost of the assessment by a third to £1500, and the AM2 will cost a further £595 (plus VAT if applicable). However, when you have successfully completed both, you will be paid a completion bonus of £71.

Will I get a JIB ECS Gold Card when I finish the qualification?

Successful completion of this qualification entitles you to apply for your JIB ECS Gold Card. The JIB has an application process to follow and you should therefore contact them. As part of the TESP Scheme, JIB will waive its fee for this.

How long will it take for me to complete this qualification and obtain my Gold Card?

Depending on your circumstances and AM2 availability, you should be able to complete this qualification within anywhere between three and 18 months.

I have been operating as a sole trader for 6 years and may struggle to provide authenticated evidence of my previous site performance. Will I still be eligible?

There are a variety of assessment methods available to your assessor. These will be established at initial contact with the assessor. Please be aware that costs may vary accordingly.

Is there any funding support towards the cost of resitting the AM2 if required?

No, the cost of taking the AM2 is not subsidised. However, a bonus of £71 is paid when both the portfolio and the AM2 are successfully completed.

I am leaving the armed forces with technical qualifications. Am I eligible to apply for the programme?

Yes. The JTL assessor will review your qualifications and experience with you and will advise the best course of action.

I have qualifications gained outside of the UK. Will these be taken into account at application stage?

Yes, depending on the qualification. Candidates with qualifications gained outside the UK will need to meet the exact same requirements as any candidate following this assessment route. All non-UK qualifications must have been fully evaluated by UK Naric. However, UK Naric evaluations may only be used as evidence towards the knowledge requirements of this qualification.

Will I have to complete the e.g. BS 7671 wiring regulations course?

This will be established at the initial contact between you and the assessor.

Will I have to complete the Inspection and Testing course?

This will be established at the initial contact between you and the assessor. 

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