Electrical Training Course

The JTL electrical installation apprenticeship is an Advanced Apprenticeship at Level 3 lasting approximately four years.

As a JTL apprentice you'll be in full time employment with a local company receiving a good wage from day one. You'll spend time learning your trade by gaining hands-on-experience working on-site with your employer, as well as attending a JTL approved college or training centre to learn the theoretical knowledge you will need.

We have said that the government requires all 'Apprenticeships' to be built around a framework and for the Advanced Apprenticeship, government requires the framework to reflect a higher level of competence and knowledge, namely:

  • An NVQ at Level 3 (the competence part)
  • A knowledge based element at Level 3
  • Transferable Skills at Level 2
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities
  • Personal Learning & Thinking Skills
  • Any industry specific requirements

For electricians, the competence and knowledge elements are combined in a QCF qualification called the ‘Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Installing Electrotechnical Systems & Equipment (Buildings, Structures and the Environment)’ This structure is reflected in the new electrical framework as follows, with ELTOC1 being the industry specific requirement :


Electrical Diagram

Electrical Diagram 2

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