Adele Claire Walsh


Currently in the 3rd year of her apprenticeship, Adele Claire Walsh works for Lancashire County Council as a Street Lighting Apprentice.

She planned on becoming an English teacher after leaving school, studying A levels, however she decided on a change of path after looking at what skills she could use in life, with a little help from her dad: “I had this view that having a practical skill such as being an electrician would benefit me for my plans in later life.”

Adele Claire decided that in order to pursue a more practical career, an apprenticeship was the way forward and has never looked back on her decision to change her career goals.

After she qualifies Adele Claire would like to work abroad using her trade skills.

What would Adele Claire say to a young girl who’s thinking about training as an apprentice? “Apprenticeships can lead to many different career paths – why not ‘earn as you learn’ and exceed the expectations of others?”

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