Deve Shokar


Dev is in the third year of his four-year apprenticeship. He went to Thomas Aveling School in Rochester and started his apprenticeship in 2013, following valuable career guidance from his father.

“I’d originally dreamt of becoming a carpenter but, looking back, I’m glad I didn’t go that route,” says Dev. “Electrical apprenticeships can be like gold dust – they don’t come up that often and when they do, they’re not easy to get – but the qualifications are equivalent to A’ Levels and for me an extra bonus is that it’s also helped me to fulfil my dream of owning and working on classic cars!

"I enjoy doing the work I do and it’s rewarding seeing the end result when a job comes together. Electrical work is always very interesting but it can be mentally and physically demanding at times - you need to be alert and think ahead before you act and it helps to be fit too.

"My apprenticeship hasn't been easy - you'll have good days and bad days but you have to take the rough with the smooth. You'll have to work hard for your qualifications and at times it feels as though you have quite a lot of weight on your shoulders but taking each exam as it comes (and revising!) helps. I also found that writing a site diary and taking pictures of what I was doing helped a lot. Keep your head down, work hard and everything will come in time. Some days it will feel slow but the years soon fly by, you'll look back and think whoa!

“Looking back joining JTL is the best thing I ever did and I’ve gained some impressive qualifications and achievements over the years. Once you've got your qualifications no one can take that away from you and you'll never be out of work - there's always work in the trades and everyone needs an electrician, whether for fixing a fridge or installing high level containment. I'd recommend the electrical trade to anyone, but you have to work for it.”

Dev, who works on a range of challenging commercial projects, plans to continue working with DMA Mechanical & Air Conditioning Limited once he’s completed his apprenticeship and hopes to be able to help train new apprentices.

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