Katie Baldwin


Katie is a 4th year apprentice working with SCT Electrics in Nuneaton.

Katie was guided towards an academic career at school after expressing an interest in engineering. Sixth Form College saw Katie getting increasingly frustrated with the constant theoretical work so she left and slipped into full time employment. This wasn’t much better and she realised that she had known all along what she really wanted to do.

She researched opportunities in the electrotechnical industry and found and applied to JTL for assistance.

Since gaining my apprenticeship, I am so much happier – I haven’t looked back!” she says. She says one of the best things about being a female electrician is proving non-believers wrong….reflecting on how she was told at the outset that she couldn’t be an electrician because of her gender!

Katie’s advice to other young women wishing to start an electrical apprenticeship is disarmingly simple: “Don’t allow other people’s expectations to affect your aspirations. Just be yourself.”

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