Lisa Marie Wood


Lisa Marie is an electrical apprentice in her 2nd year working for City Response Ltd.

Leaving school, Lisa Marie played football to a high standard and was offered the opportunity to go to America to study and train. This led to her thinking of a career in physiotherapy. However, she sustained a serious injury and was unable to pursue her dreams.

Disappointed, Lisa decided to attend an open day at her local college, where she was looking for information on practical career options. She was particularly drawn towards electrotechnical options and decided to study at college. She completed her three year study course and applied for endless numbers of jobs hoping to be given a chance. “I didn’t hear back for ages and I was about to give up when I got an email about JTL apprenticeships.” For Lisa this was the green light she was looking for: “Since starting my apprenticeship I’ve not looked back,” she says. “I’m a hands on type of person and I’ve loved every minute of my work and apprenticeship so far.”

So what would Lisa Marie say to a young girl who’s thinking about training as an electrical apprentice? “Just go for it – what have you got to lose? There is support for girls in the industry – so believe in yourself!”

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