Lucy Hodson


Lucy is a ‘second career’ apprentice – having previously worked as a Restaurant Manager for a large hotel chain. She felt that role wasn’t very challenging and wasn’t fulfilling her ambitions.

She had the opportunity to work with her father who had his own electrician’s business, and wanted to do something more practical and rewarding. She came from a family of girls and being the youngest her dad treated her a bit like the son he hadn’t had so he as really pleased when Lucy showed interest in working with him!

“I did some research into apprenticeships and found JTL,” says Lucy. “I found going to college with sixteen year olds quite refreshing and made friends quickly: “The lads were really supportive and accepted me really well.”

Lucy’s father renamed his business “Gordon Suggett and Daughter” so that Lucy was recognised as an integral part of the business and Lucy hopes to be able to take the business over one day!

So what would Lucy say to a young girl who’s thinking about training as an electrical apprentice: 'It’s not a man’s job – it’s a trade. It’s rewarding and challenging, with lots of opportunities.”

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