Lutfullah Ziaratgul


Lutfullah qualified last year as an electrician and was offered a full time job by Box and Charnock, the Wembley-based property development company with which he’d completed his apprenticeship. Lutfullah came to the UK from Afghanistan 10 years ago. He was unable to speak any English at that time but is now fully bilingual.

When he left school, Lutfullah was unsure what he wanted to do and having always had an interest in electronics he began studying it at college. At the beginning of his second year, one of Lutfullah’s teachers told him about JTL’s electrical apprenticeships. He went straight home, got online and signed up!

“I found it really challenging at first,” says Lutfullah. “I couldn’t see how I would get to the end but I learnt the basics and took it one step at a time. The range of tasks kept me on my toes and I found the college elements really interesting. I was never a studious kid but on site you need to know what’s what and so I paid attention. I enjoyed learning something new every day and the best part was getting so much support.

“To those who want to become an apprentice, I’d say it will change your life. Apprenticeships aren’t easy to complete but if I can do it, anyone can! You need to show enthusiasm in the work you do and not be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is there to help you improve – your company, your college, your JTL Training Officer. An apprenticeship gives anyone and everyone the chance to improve their life and build a good career. You don’t need to be a studious person but pay attention and you’ll notice how much you can progress.”

Lutfullah has recently completed his Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme and is currently working as an electrical tester on new build domestic flats. He wants to continue building his experience, with a view to taking on a supervisory role. Longer term, he’d like to move into a management job.

“There is banter on the site but I haven’t met with anything serious and everyone just wants to have a laugh at the end of the day,” finishes Lutfullah.  

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