Samantha Jones


After leaving school, Samantha worked for a year to save up to go to Brighton Institute of Modern Music where she completed her Diploma in Music. She worked in the Care industry for several years afterwards but decided she needed a more challenging career: “My dad suggested I consider becoming an electrician – I’d never seriously considered it, but it did appeal to me.”

Samantha discovered JTL on the internet – she signed up and was accepted for an Electrotechnical apprenticeship. She found a local employer willing to employ her – Melvin John Electrical Contracting  -and she’s now in the final year of her apprenticeship: “I’d recommend this career to anyone – especially girls,” she says.

What would she say to a young girl who’s thinking about training as an apprentice: “It’s not as scary as it might seem at first! If you like the practical side of things it makes sense to take up a trade where you can earn and learn and pick up loads of valuable skills – it could well be the right thing for you."

Sam has continued to flourish in the electrical industry. In 2015, she was named as the winner of the JIB Overseas Apprentice Exchange Scheme, which meant she went out to work in New York for a number of weeks, learning how the industry works in the USA, and spreading the word of the UK electrical industry. Later in the year, Sam was also shortlisted as a finalist in the Women in Construction Awards.

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