Sarah Dengate


Sarah is a second year apprentice with Polarity Electrical Systems in Whitstable, where she also lives. She started studying for A Levels at St Anselm’s School in Canterbury but quickly realised they weren’t for her.

“I can’t sit around – it’s just not me,” says Sarah. “I thought about joining the RAF and went to the base where my uncle works to have a look around. It was really helpful because going in to the workshop made me realise that what I really wanted to be was a technician or an electrician. Physics and maths are the subjects that always interested me at school and so I wanted to do something related to them and electrics definitely involves quite a bit of both.

“The aspect of the job I enjoy the most is definitely the practical side but I enjoy the theoretical element too and I like going to college. The learning feels different from the subjects we did at school because I actually get to apply what I’m learning in a work situation.

“I’d definitely recommend an apprenticeship to other school leavers. It’s worth doing plenty of research to make sure you join a firm that’s involved in the kind of work you’re interested in. If you know what you want, go for it.

Working in the industry as a female is sometimes a challenge but it’s a joy to keep up with the males and show them you can be just as good if not better.”

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