Summer Collins


Summer is a first year electrical apprentice working for 1A Instalec Ltd in Luton. She grew up in the Luton and Dunstable area and studied for her GCSE's at Manshead School in Caddington. 

With six brothers (one who is also an electrician) and a very close relationship with her Dad, Summer believes the males in her life influenced her decision to apply for an apprenticeship in the electrical trade. 

“I’m a tomboy,” says Summer. “I've always wanted to do something hands-on and I definitely didn’t want to be stuck in an office again. I heard about an apprenticeship and with some help from my brother in law I was successful in gaining a place on a JTL course. 

"I love working on site, it’s different every day and it keeps me interested. I've worked on a variety of jobs, from working 17 metres up on a lifter installing lighting for a warehouse extension, to crawling in tight roof spaces to provide power for shop signs. Not forgetting everything else in between such as kitchen rewires, churches and schools!"

"There's always banter on site, and it’s fun to have a laugh and a joke with the guys and not be left out. I get on really well with everyone, which some people can't believe as I’m the only girl on site but it’s like I’ve got 20 brothers now!"

"If there are any girls wanting to go into the trades all I can say to them is don't hold back! I wasted a year taking art and working in an office when it was clear that wasn't what I wanted to be doing. There's nothing better than walking on site and seeing the guys faces as they realise there's a girl there. I've never been happier in a job - and I’ve had a lot! Just because people say 'it's a man’s job' doesn't mean us girls can't do it better!"

Region : London and East of England
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"Just because people say 'it's a man’s job' doesn't mean us girls can't do it better!"
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