Building Services Engineering: Installer and Craftsperson

Building Services Engineering (BSE) makes buildings work. It is a specialist branch of engineering within the construction sector. Building Services Engineers work on the large-scale industrial and commercial systems such as heating, chilled water, hot water and cold water which are used for heating workplaces such as those found in industrial and commercial buildings like office blocks, factories, schools and hospitals. These engineering systems work by moving temperature-controlled water around the inside of buildings, providing heating and cooling, and utilise fossil fuels and sustainable energy systems.

The building services engineering apprenticeships cover two distinct job roles: Installers and Craftsperson’s.

Installers install components of the systems. They have a basic knowledge of the systems and how the components within them relate to each other.  They also, under close but not constant supervision:

  • plan allocated work tasks to install system components;
  • undertake allocated work tasks in testing system components;
  • assist in pre-commission testing;
  • undertake allocated work tasks in de-commissioning

Installers can work within new build construction sites and existing buildings under close, but not constant, supervision.

Craftsperson’s undertake the installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and decommissioning of the systems.  They have detailed knowledge of the system’s operating principles. They also:

  • set, identify and establish the requirements of the job, whether from drawings or client’s other instructions;
  • liaise and work with other trades, suppliers and clients, as appropriate;
  • solve problems within the scope of the work they carry out;
  • undertake work to comply with all relevant standards;
  • plan and monitor work programmes for installing, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning and decommissioning systems;
  • contribute to adjusting the configuration of systems as they are installed.

Craftsperson’s can work within new build construction sites and existing buildings on their own, proficiently and without supervision.

Building Services Engineering Apprenticeships with JTL

As a JTL apprentice you'll be in full time employment with a local company receiving a good wage from day one. You'll spend time learning your trade by gaining hands-on-experience working on-site with your employer, as well as attending a JTL approved college or training centre to learn the theoretical knowledge you will need.

What happens during a Building Services Engineering apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship in Building Services Engineering could be for you if you are fascinated about finding out more about how things work. During the apprenticeship, you will prepare yourself for a career in installing industrial and commercial systems. This can mean working in buildings like office blocks, schools, factories and hospitals. When you’re in a Building Services Engineering apprenticeship, you work alongside experienced experts and specialists who can pass their knowledge onto you and help you build on your existing knowledge constantly.

Preparing for an apprenticeship

Some of the skills and attributes that you will require if your apprenticeship is to be successful include teamwork, problem-solving, using your own initiative, communication, creativity and reliability. You may require English and Maths GCSEs at 4 or Low 5 (C) or above, but you may be able to obtain them during your apprenticeship if you don’t already have them. As you will be dealing with the public during and after your apprenticeship, you will need outstanding customer service skills and a polite, friendly manner. You may not need a driving licence during your apprenticeship, but you may require this in the future due to the amount of travel involved in working within the Building Services Engineering industry.

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If you’re ready to start earning and learning on the job, Building Services Engineering apprenticeships can be valuable alternatives to full-time study. Additionally, you may find it hard to find full-time recruitment in a field that you are interested in without studying for further qualifications. At JTL, we can come to your assistance if you are interested in being taken on as an apprentice or are wondering how to work within the Building Services Engineering industry, so why not contact us today to find out more?

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