Reasons to enter into a construction apprenticeship

There are many good reasons to enter the construction industry. The construction sector is never short of opportunities for young people keen to learn and develop valuable skills, and it can also be an ideal option for many older individuals seeking to switch careers. The UK construction industry is worth £90 billion a year, and it seems there are always new job vacancies to apply for across the country and even overseas if you’re ready to see more of the world.

A constant demand for your skills

The construction industry is constantly in need of skilled, dedicated and focused professionals. The government is aiming to create 3 million apprenticeships before 2020, with many of these being construction-based opportunities. Opportunities within the construction industry aren’t just limited to physical work, and you could even land yourself a desk job. The construction industry is ideal for those interested in everything from engineering and plastering to surveying, and you can attend college or university to strengthen your knowledge of the sector before you make a full entrance into the industry.

Work on a wide range of projects

You have the opportunity to work on all sorts of projects when you become part of the construction industry. These can include offices, residential buildings, skyscrapers, shopping centres and many more. Once the work is done, you can stand back and proudly admire your contribution to the final project. The construction industry is enjoying substantial growth, and this looks set to continue over the next decade at least. The rising demand for construction workers means there has also been growth in terms of wages, increasing your earning potential should you decide to enter into the industry. If you become an architect, engineer, site manager or skilled construction worker, you could find yourself earning a particularly lucrative salary. If you ever need work at short notice and have the skills required, the construction industry is always likely to provide it.

See the difference your contribution makes

When you work on a construction project, visible progress is being made all the time, which can be incredibly motivating. The construction industry also gives you an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and can help you form friendships that will last for many years. A construction apprenticeship gives you a valuable insight into how the industry operates and gives you the chance to earn whilst you learn. You can develop the skills employers’ value on the job whilst earning real qualifications, seeing a substantial increase in salary once your apprenticeship is completed. When you embark on your construction apprenticeship, you will gain advice and support from a highly experienced mentor and can even take advantage of student discounts to reduce the cost of living.

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