Electrical Training Course

The JTL electrical installation apprenticeship is an Advanced Apprenticeship at Level 3 lasting approximately four years.

Wondering how to become an Electrician? As a JTL apprentice you'll be in full time employment with a local company receiving a good wage from day one. You'll spend time learning your trade by gaining hands-on-experience working on-site with your employer, as well as attending a JTL approved college or training centre to learn the theoretical knowledge you will need.

Developed by the industry under the government’s ‘trailblazer’ initiative to become what is known as ‘standards based apprenticeships’, this Level 3 apprenticeship contains:

  • A technical knowledge component
  • Transferable Skills at Level 2 (English & Maths)
  • A competent performance component
  • Assessed behaviours
  • End Point Assessment (EPA)

For electricians, the competence and knowledge elements are combined in a qualification called the ‘Level 3 Electrotechnical Qualification (Installation or Maintenance)’ that must be completed successfully (known as passing through the ‘gateway’) before being able to access the End Point Assessment. You can view full details of the Standard and the End Point Assesment here.

This structure of the qualification is reflected in the following table:

Electrical Appretniceship Course

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