How to become an electrician UK

If you are wondering how to become an electrician in the UK and what the long-term benefits are, then please read on. Electricians can earn up to £30,784 a year once they are qualified, and at JTL, we give you the valuable opportunity to learn whilst you earn. When you’re qualified, you can take on a wide range of exciting projects that will enable you to grow your skills base even further and create a strong demand for your services.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits attached to becoming an electrician right now: 

    • Earn a generous salary
    • Acquire skills you can use for a lifetime
    • Take on varied, challenging but rewarding tasks
    • Work in a wide range of environments
    • Meet new people frequently

Our electrical apprenticeship is an Advanced Apprenticeship at Level 3 and lasts for around four years. One of the main draws of our apprenticeship for electricians is that it allows you to learn on the job, working with a reputable local company and receive a good wage from the start. You’ll attend a training centre or college approved by us to get the theoretical knowledge you require and will learn how to install, maintain and repair electrical services.

A wealth of opportunities

The skills that you acquire during your apprenticeship will prepare you for work in all sorts of environments, including inside and outside buildings and in places like shops, factories, homes, hospitals and schools. Building Skills Engineering or BSE has enabled today’s electricians to become more versatile and therefore increase their earning potential, broadening their skills by working with gas, water and ventilation as well as electricity. It also provides the opportunity to retrain as an electrician.

Boost your confidence and see the world

You will learn how to carry out your work safely and correctly and will work with lighting, alarms, sockets, heating controls and more. You may find yourself working at height on a regular basis, and will be encouraged to use your knowledge to work on your own initiative. Your line of work will give you many opportunities to see more of the world, and you may well find yourself working away from home frequently. Becoming a professional electrician enables you to develop positive working relationships with a wide range of people and can boost your social confidence considerably. 

Get the training you need

You’ll learn how to understand wiring and circuit diagrams, building and engineering drawings and more. You will be trained to diagnose and rectify a wide range of faults during your apprenticeship and will find out how to create detailed reports. Our training programme has been fine-tuned to help you develop the skills required by the industry, as well as complying with regulations and with health and safety legislation at all times. 

Why choose JTL? 

When you become a JTL apprentice, you will get the support of a mentor, assessor or training officer throughout. An electrical apprenticeship may well be for you whether you are a school-leaver, but there is no age limit and you can enrol for one at any point in life. Talk to us today if you are interested in becoming an electrical apprentice. Simply complete our contact us form or call us on 0800 085 2308

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