There are many good reasons for retraining as an electrician. Perhaps you’ve grown tired of your current line of work, need to raise your earning potential or have always been interested in electronics and wish to take things further? These are all commonly-cited reasons for retraining as an electrician.

Fulfil your potential

Working as an electrician allows you to solve problems with your head and your hands. You may get to work across the country and further afield, and could work on a wide range of exciting projects, either on a self-employed basis or as an employee. Fully qualified electricians undertake commercial, industrial and residential work, with domestic installers focusing on residential duties. Opportunities are available to you whichever route you decide to explore.

The demand for electricians

Many people like to work for themselves and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with self-employment, though others like to be employed for others to experience greater job stability and security. Electricians have been in short supply over recent years, which means your earning potential may well be greater than it would have been in the past. When you work with electrics, you can expect to take on a variety of interesting jobs. You will need to be fully compliant with and knowledgeable about health and safety and must keep yourself up to date with the latest regulations. Once you have gained the skills you need to enter the market, you can continue using and building upon these throughout your career.

Am I too old for an apprenticeship?

There is no age limit on apprenticeships, which means you can enrol for one at any time in life. Apprenticeships are ideal for introducing and re-introducing people to trades and can be vital in refreshing or building your knowledge. At JTL, we are ready to hear from you right now if you are interested in embarking on an electrical apprenticeship. Our Advanced Apprenticeship at Level 3 lasts for around four years and enables you to earn a good wage from the outset. You’ll remain in full-time employment with a reputable local company throughout the apprenticeship and will gain invaluable hands-on experience, attending an approved college or training centre to obtain the theoretical knowledge that you’ll require. You can look forward to working on projects in houses, schools, factories, shops and more once you become a professional electrician.

A varied workload

As an electrical apprenticeship, you will be expected to work in indoor and outdoor environments, occasionally at height. You will install, maintain and repair a wide range of electrical services like alarms, lights, sockets, heating controls and more, and will learn to work on your own initiative. A great deal of your work will involve diagnostics and repairing faults, and you will learn how to write reports, read and understand building and engineering drawings, wiring and circuit diagrams.

Get in touch

At JTL, we are waiting to hear from you right now if you are interested in embarking upon an electrical apprenticeship. You can reach us today by giving us a call on 0800 085 2308.

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