Plumbing & Heating L2 & L3 Frameworks

Plumbers can operate in the industry at two levels; either Basic Craft (Level 2) or Advanced Craft (Level 3).

JTL therefore offers an Advanced (Level 3) Apprenticeship for plumbers with the Advanced Apprenticeship lasting approximately four years, where the Intermediate level is achieved 'en-route-after approximately two years.

As part of the JTL plumbing apprenticeship, you'll be in full time employment with a local company receiving a decent wage from day one.  You'll spend time learning your trade by gaining hands-on experience working on-site with your employer, as well as attending a JTL approved college or training centre to learn the theoretical knowledge you will need.  

We have said that the government requires all 'Apprenticeships' to be built around a framework and for the Advanced Apprenticeship, government requires the framework to reflect a higher level of competence and knowledge, namely:


  • An NVQ at Level 3 (the competence part)
  • A knowledge based element at Level 3
  • Transferable Skills at Level 2
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities 
  • Personal Learning & Thinking Skills 
  • Any industry specific requirements


For plumbers, the  structure of QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) as it applies to both heating and plumbing, at both Level 2 and Level 3 is shown below: 

Plumbing Diagram


  • City & Guilds Plumbing (Domestic) NVQ Levels 2 & 3
  • Level 2 Maths and English Functional (Essential) skills
  • Gas Safe ACS assessment
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