As soon as your apprentice starts, you need to introduce them to your company and how it works. You also need to talk to them about what you expect of them and what they can expect of you. Your Training Officer will guide you through this.

Best practice

Your Training Officer will be on hand throughout the apprenticeship. They’ll support you and help you meet legal requirements and work to best practice with your apprentice.

Starting college

During their apprenticeship, your apprentice will train at a local college or training centre. They’ll also have to fill in some paperwork. They need to complete their start documents so we can get funding from the Government.

The Training Officer will help organise which college and secure a place there. They’ll also help fill in start documents.

College usually starts between September and October. Depending on the college, they might get apprentices to attend in several blocks of around two weeks, or on day release throughout the year. Again, the Training Officer will monitor this.

In the first weeks, the college will take apprentices through health and safety and equality and diversity programmes. They’ll also assess their Functional (Essential) skills, to see if they need extra support.

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