Today, as university tuition fees rise while the number of available places fall, for those who wish to continue with their education, university might not be the ideal choice. 

Currently, more than 190 UK business sectors offer apprenticeship schemes to people over the age of 16 who know where they’re going, as far as their career is concerned. These apprenticeships offer hands-on experience while providing training towards nationally recognised qualifications and, unlike university; apprentices are actually paid during their training. 

So what are the benefits of a modern apprenticeship? Obviously, the end result would be some kind of relevant qualification, but as well as that an apprenticeship offers you the kind of work experience sought after by employers these days and in some cases it could lead to a permanent position

Unlike preparing for a career at university, an apprenticeship not only gives you the training you need, but also sharpens skills you’ll use wherever you work, like planning, organisation and interpersonal relations.

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