Starting with a JTL Apprentice 

Interviewing and Arranging a Visit 

You’ve decided you would like to take on an apprentice with JTL, what are the next steps? 

Our customer service team and your dedicated training officer will liaise with you to talk over your business needs, we can then offer a list of approved and recommended candidates for your business who you can then interview. JTL can be as involved as you like and can,

  • advise on which candidates to interview
  • help you to prepare for the interview
  • be there to conduct the interview alongside you
  • discuss and evaluate the interviewed candidates with you to ensure you make the right selection for your business 

After this process you just need to let us know who you have chosen to recruit and we’ll begin the next steps. 

Employer Responsibilities 

Every employer we work with must comply with health and safety laws and codes of practice. This ensures our apprentices are safe at all times. And that we get the funding your apprentice needs.

Health & Safety

Someone from JTL will visit you before your apprentice joins. They’ll check that you take training and health and safety as seriously as we do. Until we’re happy you meet our standards, your apprentice won’t be able to start. This is called a pre-placement vetting (PPV) check. 

As soon as your apprentice starts, you need to introduce them to your company and how it works by way of a formal induction. You also need to talk to them about what you expect of them and what they can expect of you. Your training officer will guide you through this.

Starting college

During their apprenticeship, your apprentice will train at a local college or training centre. Your training officer will help organise which college or training centre is best suited to your apprentice and will help to secure their place and assist with the start documents. The start documents are important and will ensure the right level of funding is acquired to cover your apprentices formal qualification and in-college training. 

As part of the qualification there will, from time to time, be some paperwork for you to oversee and review to ensure your apprentice is getting on ok however again your training officer is also able to offer help and guidance on this.  

College usually starts between September and October. Depending on the college and your business needs, apprentices could attend in several blocks of around two weeks, or on day release throughout the year. Again, the training officer will work with you to see what will suit your working ways best. 

In the first weeks, the college will take apprentices through health and safety and equality and diversity programmes. They’ll also assess their Functional Skills, to see if they need extra support. You can find out more about JTL's Functional Skills by clicking here. 


Please see below a selection of JTL policy documents to help you better understand the employer responsibilities. 

Download JTL Policy Documents:


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