What are Traineeships and how can they help my business?

Traineeships are an opportunity to get young people aged 16-18 work-ready for a career. They provide a solid foundation, equipping a young person with the necessary skills to go on to achieve their full potential. 

Unlike past programmes which gave ill-prepared work experience to young people who often lacked interest and motivation, a JTL Traineeship ensures that our trainees cover work preparation studies and gain a basic knowledge of the building services industry in a rewarding environment.  

Following preparation studies training, learners are then allowed to complete four weeks of working alongside a local employer. As an employer taking on a trainee you will pay nothing towards the cost but are expected to help develop the young person so they are ready for work. We have found many employers at the end of the programme have been so impressed by the young person's willingness to learn that they have actively encourage their trainee to take up an apprenticeship with us.

JTL's Traineeship programmes include the following:-

  • Work preparation training (CV writing, interview techniques, job search and customer service and other interpersonal skills)
  • Functional skills – ensuring the trainees achieve the GCSE equivalent of Grade C or above in English, Maths and IT.
  • Health and safety knowledge, including working at height
  • Knowledge of relevant industries (e.g. electrical, plumbing)
  • ECS work experience card which allows the young person to access site.
  • The basic principles of electrical and mechanical engineering

If you are an employer who would like to give a young person the opportunity to learn and develop their knowledge of the work place, then please contact us by filling in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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