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18th Edition wiring regulations, why are they important to me?

19/09/2018 by Richard Dady in  Training Courses  |   0 comments

There’s a new version of the Wiring Regulations released, that will affect everybody in the electrical sector. They may seem a little dry to the casual observer, but should we take a closer look? At JTL, we think you should….

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Think carefully about post-16 education… sixth form isn’t the only route

16/08/2018 by Liam Sammon in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Think carefully about post-16 education… sixth form isn’t the only route Liam Sammon, Director of Learning and Innovation at JTL

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The truth about careers in the electrical and plumbing sector

19/07/2018 by Judi Wheeler in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Mismatched figures: It’s time to tell young people the truth about careers in electrics and plumbing, says Judi Wheeler, National Delivery Director at JTL

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Results days 2016 - what happens now?

17/08/2016 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

This year's results days are almost upon us! Years and years of study, and it feels like a waiting game until that all-important slip arrives in your hands.

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Now is the time for apprenticeships

10/08/2016 by Craig Hurring in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Craig Hurring, Head of Communications and Marketing for JTL, explains why now is the right time for you to take on an apprentice.

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Q&A with Mitchell Shore - JTL's Apprentice of the Year 2015/16

17/03/2016 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Fresh from his success as JTL’s National Apprentice of the Year, Mitchell Shore met with Craig Hurring, JTL’s Head of Marketing and Communications to talk about why he chose to take an apprenticeship, his experiences while learning and his ambitious plans for the future.

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