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Results day - what's next?

Results day - what's next?

With A-Level results set to be released tomorrow, and GCSE results to be released next week, we understand that this can be an anxious and nervy time for young people.

Do you feel under pressure to move on into further education? If you're one of this year’s secondary school or college leavers, you may be feeling conflicted and confused about what to do next. On the one hand, you have the option to go out into the world and earn a living, but this may leave you under-qualified for future opportunities. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to enhance your career opportunities by heading off to university, but you may be worried about the ever-rising debt associated with this choice.

Here at JTL, we want you to know there is another way, and that we can offer you the best of both worlds. By becoming a JTL apprentice you can learn a trade while earning an income, and after a four-year apprenticeship, you could be taking home a more than competitive salary.

So then; why an apprenticeship, rather than a degree?

You could be earning more by completing an apprenticeship, and could also be earning sooner than someone who goes to university.
Recent figures released by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills show that an apprenticeship can increase an individual’s lifetime earning potential by up to £150,000. That’s not bad for a free education! Take an electrical apprenticeship, for example. If you were to start at the age of 18, by the time you reach the end of it at 22, you could be earning a salary of between £25,000 and £35,000 not long after completion.

The study, carried out by the Institute for Fiscal Studies for education charity Sutton Trust, also reveals that today’s university students will leave with an average debt of £44,000. According to the study, 73% of today's students will still be paying off their tuition fees in their 50s.

Are you more practically-minded? An apprenticeship might suit you better.
It’s worth remembering that further education and an academic degree is not necessarily the right thing for everyone. An apprenticeship does include some college-based theoretical learning, but is also largely based around on-site, practical experience in whatever field you choose to pursue. If you think you are someone who works well with their hands, and are good at problem-solving and getting jobs done well, to a high standard, an apprenticeship in the building services engineering industry could suit you perfectly.

The other thing with a JTL apprenticeship is the fact that you are setting yourself up with a career for life. There is a genuine skills shortage in the UK at the moment, and high-quality tradespeople are constantly in high demand. You can help to fill this skills gap and give yourself a trade for life while you’re at it.

Why JTL?
JTL are one of the UK’s leading apprenticeship providers and our success rates speak for themselves. In our electrical apprenticeships, we are more than 10% higher than the national success rate, and nearly 16% higher in plumbing apprenticeships. In heating and ventilating, our success rates are at a staggering 95.5%, compared to the national average of 79.6%. With this, we work with some of the UK’s leading employers in the building services engineering sector, including the likes of TClarke, Balfour Beatty and many more, and our dedicated team of training officers will make sure that you receive a high-quality apprenticeship.

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