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18th Edition wiring regulations, why are they important to me?

19/09/2018 by Richard Dady in  Training Courses  |   0 comments

There’s a new version of the Wiring Regulations released, that will affect everybody in the electrical sector. They may seem a little dry to the casual observer, but should we take a closer look? At JTL, we think you should….

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Further your career with a JTL Training Course

21/10/2015 by Ashleigh Ward in  Training Courses  |   0 comments

You probably associate the JTL name with top quality electrical and plumbing apprenticeships; but did you know that we have a whole range of products that could benefit you, your employees and your business?

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Asbestos: the myths and facts

18/02/2015 by Steve Smith in  Health and Safety  |   1 comment

Asbestos is still found in many buildings today, and many people fail to realise just how recently it was still regularly used in the building and construction industry. When left undisturbed, it is perfectly safe, but once disturbed, can be a killer.

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