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Take steps to improve your mental health and wellbeing

20/05/2020 by JTL in  Advice and Guidance  |   0 comments

For Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May 2020), JTL has been considering the impact that Covid-19 is having on those in trade roles who may be under increased pressure, both in and outside of work.

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5 reasons why a JTL apprenticeship could be for you

01/05/2020 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

In light of the recent changes to the calculated grading system introduced by the Government following the cancellation of exams, now is as good a time as ever to start exploring career options available to you.

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Keeping your options open in the current Covid-19 crisis

15/04/2020 by Judi Wheeler in  Advice and Guidance  |   1 comment

The Coronavirus outbreak has already had a significant impact on the education system, something which is expected to continue into the next school term. Upon Government advice, schools have changed normal practices to help continue to support the children of critical and key workers, and consequentially, exams have been cancelled in an attempt to halt the spread of the virus and to give pupils, parents and teachers certainty in the current situation.

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JTL Celebrates International Women’s Day

06/03/2020 by Angela Sprason in  Corporate Message  |   0 comments

Two years on from the introduction of the Baker Clause, results of a recent YouGov survey commissioned by JTL suggest that only 5% of females aged 15-18 felt they had been encouraged to become a skilled tradesperson compared to 14% of males.

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What I enjoyed about my apprenticeship

27/02/2020 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Shaheeb who works as a gas engineer describes how he started a JTL apprenticeship at Fortem and how he enjoyed developing his skills and knowledge by working alongside experienced tradesmen.

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Everything you need to know about upcoming changes to apprenticeship funding

29/01/2020 by Caroline Turner in  Advice and Guidance  |   0 comments

In 2019, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) confirmed that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that do not pay the apprenticeship levy will be required to access government apprenticeship funding using its online portal, The Apprenticeship Service (TAS). Caroline Turner, our Director of Policy & External Relations, discusses how JTL can help take the hassle out of navigating the funding changes and explains what this means for your business.

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Waving goodbye to university? Try an apprenticeship instead

20/12/2019 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

After the buzz of the Christmas holidays and that much-needed time with friends and family back home, it’s no surprise that returning to university can be a struggle.

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What can an apprenticeship offer your child?

16/12/2019 by Judi Wheeler in  Advice and Guidance  |   0 comments

As a parent, you want your child to get the best possible start in their career. That’s why we’re keen to talk about the value of apprenticeships, which are work-based, government funded training programmes. We caught up with Judi Wheeler, JTL’s National Delivery Director, to discuss why apprenticeships are a great way for learners to gain practical, on-the-job experience and achieve a nationally recognised professional qualification.

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Five reasons to apply for an apprenticeship in the heating and plumbing sector

08/11/2019 by JTL in  Advice and Guidance  |   0 comments

At JTL, we recognise the exciting and challenging opportunities that work-based learning offers young people. From competitive salaries to the potential of owning your own business, here’s just a few of the reasons why you should kick off your career in heating and plumbing with an apprenticeship.

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Time to take on an apprentice?

11/10/2019 by Nikki Cowan in  Advice and Guidance  |   1 comment

With a huge skills shortage in the UK, as well as an ageing workforce and costs of recruitment skyrocketing, now is the time to consider taking on the next generation of skilled tradespeople – apprentices. From the myths and benefits around hiring young workers through to the funding you can get from the Government, Nikki Cowan, Business Development Advisor at JTL, discusses everything you need to know.

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