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Now is the time for apprenticeships

10/08/2016 by Craig Hurring in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Craig Hurring, Head of Communications and Marketing for JTL, explains why now is the right time for you to take on an apprentice.

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Q&A with Mitchell Shore - JTL's Apprentice of the Year 2015/16

17/03/2016 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Fresh from his success as JTL’s National Apprentice of the Year, Mitchell Shore met with Craig Hurring, JTL’s Head of Marketing and Communications to talk about why he chose to take an apprenticeship, his experiences while learning and his ambitious plans for the future.

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An Apprentice Down Under: Part Six

16/03/2016 by Nicol Dower in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Hiya guys here is my latest blog! So I'm back in rainy England for a few months! I missed my family and friends, and I decided to have a trip back home for Christmas and New Year!

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Traineeships – your pathway to an apprenticeship

17/02/2016 by JTL in  Traineeships  |   0 comments

Are you considering an apprenticeship, but not 100% sure that it’s quite what you’re looking for? Do you have a basic interest in practical skills, with a desire to find out more? A traineeship could be just what you need.

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How did an iconic electrical circuit diagram fetch £10K at Sotheby’s?

18/11/2015 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

An early copy of Harry Beck’s iconic 1935 London Underground map fetched £10,000 when it went under the hammer in Sotheby’s Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History auction recently.

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Eight Differences Between The Apprentice and an Apprenticeship

04/11/2015 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Since 2005, our TV screens have been graced with the presence of popular BBC business-reality game-show ‘The Apprentice’. A show in which Lord Alan Sugar and his two trusted business partners put a crowd of overly confident business hopefuls through their commercial paces and systematically fire them until the last one standing wins the show.

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Further your career with a JTL Training Course

21/10/2015 by Ashleigh Ward in  Training Courses  |   0 comments

You probably associate the JTL name with top quality electrical and plumbing apprenticeships; but did you know that we have a whole range of products that could benefit you, your employees and your business?

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An Apprentice Down Under: Part Five

16/09/2015 by Nicol Dower in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

G'day everyone – it’s Nicol, the apprentice Down Under, and here is my latest Australian blog! I’m so happy this month, as I’ve finished my regional work! This means that when my current visa runs out, I can apply for another one, giving me the chance to work and travel in Australia until October 2016. I’m so excited.

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Results day - what's next?

12/08/2015 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

With A-Level results set to be released tomorrow, and GCSE results to be released next week, we understand that this can be an anxious and nervy time for young people.

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Tools of the trade

15/07/2015 by JTL in  Apprenticeships  |   3 comments

As the saying goes; 'a bad tradesman always blames his tools'. Whether or not that’s true, it’s debatable, but it stands to reason that a good tradesman has the right tools to begin with.

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