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An Apprentice Down Under: Part Three

13/05/2015 by Nicol Dower in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

Nicol here again, telling you all about my adventures down under in Australia! I've been working as an electrician for Kruger Electrical, in Perth, for three-and-a-half months now, and I'm really enjoying it. They seem to love my work, treat me like one of the family, and even gave me a van to use!

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Why should you take a plumbing apprenticeship?

06/05/2015 by Ben Bayliss in  Apprenticeships  |   2 comments

Here at JTL, one of our key offerings as a company is plumbing apprenticeships. Knowing that a plumbing apprenticeship can be a four year undertaking might put some people off, but there are plenty of reasons it shouldn’t.

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Getting started: JTL can help you kick off your career

15/04/2015 by Mark Goodwin in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

It's tough isn’t it; the time you take deciding on a way forward is often less than the time taken making those first steps? We’ve all been there.

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An Apprentice Down Under: Part Two

25/03/2015 by Nicol Dower in  Apprenticeships  |   0 comments

G'day everyone! Here’s my second blog from Australia and so much has happened. I’ve got a car and a job!

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