We made the decision not to develop for Internet Explorer 8 (and below) for a few key reasons:-

  • We have developed with the future in mind – more and more traffic comes from tablets and smartphones every month. Our goal is to support the most used and up to date browsers and devices.
  • A number of the cool features we've added to the website aren't compatible with IE8 and below. We didn't want to jeopardise the quality of the site, as we want to provide our audience with the best website experience possible.

Reasons why you should get rid of IE8 (and below) and upgrade sooner rather than later!

  • IE8 (and below) is no longer supported by Microsoft. This means your computer might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses if you're surfing the web.
  • IE8 is used by less than 5% of the worldwide population. This figure will continue to decline as Microsoft has stopped supporting the browser. This will lead to many companies adopting the same decision as JTL, to stop developing for IE8 (and below)

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Links to upgrading or switching to another browser:-

Internet Explorer

Note:- If you are using the operating system Window XP you won't be able to upgrade Internet Explorer. You will have to download either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. See below:-

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

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