Anti-Bullying Week 2015

20 November 2015     JTL

As the Anti-Bullying Alliance's Anti-Bullying Week 2015 comes to an end, JTL's Equality and Diversity Officer Yasmin Damree-Ralph has offered her thoughts on the matter:

Bullying happens in many forms. It can be seen in things like workplace bullying or school bullying, or in forms such as discrimination, harassment, or bullying because of possessions.

I often wonder why. What’s the point of harming someone emotionally and physically? I have seen how bullying can destroy someone, change them; make them feel less than… I have also seen the wonderful support that many organisations offer to victims or survivors of being bullied.

There are so many cases of young people taking their own lives because of an individual or a group of individuals' quest to destroy them, simply because of the way that they look. Where did they learn that behaviour from? There are YouTube videos showing this abuse, harming, and even physical assault. Where does it stop?

For me, it stops at all of us. We all need to stand up for those who cannot, for those who have been bullied to the point of not being able to defend or speak up for themselves. We need to stand up against bullying, and stand by the zero tolerance we all want in life.

Let's celebrate this week by enforcing a zero tolerance attitude to bullying and let those who decide to bully know that there are consequences for their actions.

Please support the campaign with the #antibullyingweek hashtag on Twitter.

Anti-Bullying Week 2015, organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance

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