Free support with the Electrical Industries Charity

20 July 2018

Did you know you can get free support with the Electrical Industries Charity?

We’re trying hard to spread the word about the great work the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC) is doing to support people of all ages working across the electrical sector.  

The EIC has generously extended its services to all JTL employees (whether or not they are in an electrical role), as well as to each and every JTL apprentice. It has also introduced a dedicated Apprentice Support Programme, designed to help apprentices deal with any challenges they may face early on in their careers.

So, if you (or someone you know) is struggling with any aspect of day to day life – whatever the problem or issue and whatever your age or career stage – the EIC’s team of trained advisors can offer free financial, legal, emotional or health-related advice. 

The EIC is currently running a campaign to highlight the stress that can go hand in hand with caring for a sick or elderly relative. The increased demands on time and energy that a care role brings can leave little in the tank for the carer to think about their own wellbeing. 

Thanks to the EIC’s Apprentice Support Programme, one such carer - Jack Terrins, 21 and a first-year apprentice – has been handed a lifeline.

Jack lives with and cares for his mum, Fiona, who is recovering from breast cancer. Fiona’s treatment – which included a lumpectomy and chemotherapy - was very debilitating and she has been forced to retire from work as a result of her ill health. 

Thankfully, the EIC threw Jack and Fiona a lifeline, stepping in and offering Jack a bursary to help cover their lost income. 

The EIC offer some top tips for carers struggling to handle stress: 

  • Leave the room - or get outside if you can – for at least five minutes. Take a deep breath and hold it for a count of three, then breathe out. Repeat until you feel more relaxed, but not so often that you feel dizzy.
  • Relax your muscles. Tense muscles are a physical sign that you are stressed. Visit your local healthy living centre or library for information about relaxation techniques. 
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco. They both have harmful effects on your body and are likely to increase the physical effects of stress.
  • Watch your coffee intake. Caffeine can have similar effects on your body as stress.
  • Get active. Physical exercise is a simple way to relieve tension. Even a walk to the shops can help reduce your stress levels.
  • Pace yourself and tackle one thing at a time. Be realistic about what you expect of yourself!
  • Learn that it’s OK to say ‘no’ to other people sometimes.  

For more information on how to deal with carer stress please click here

If you would like to contact one of the EIC’s team, go to or just call 0800 652 1618. The EIC’s phones are manned between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 1pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Electrical Industries Charity partners up with JTL

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