H&V News Finalist 2015

19 January 2015     JTL

JTL have been nominated as a finalist at the H&V News Awards 2015 in the category - Training Initiative of the Year. The Ambassador programme – a highly effective training initiative that was launched in 2013 and continued in 2014/15 to attempt to widen the appeal of apprenticeships in the building services engineering sector to young women. We believes that in the main women are either not steered towards these opportunities or more often, are directed away from them in favour of apprenticeships in more traditional apprenticeships associated with young women – such as hair and beauty.

We have recruited female apprentices each year from different parts of the country who have taken part in public appearances and talk about their experiences as apprentices, in what is perceived as a very male dominated sector.  The purpose is to dispel myths and encourage enquiries from other young women who may be attracted to apprenticeships in these professions, which – according to recent research from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills – offer among the best career prospects in the country. There are many successful women plumbers and electricians in the UK but they are very much in the minority in their professions – less than 1% of new entrants to apprenticeships in these professions each year come from female applicants.

The initiative was the brainchild of our Diversity and Equality Officer, Yasmin Damree-Ralph: “By not appealing to young women, the sector is automatically cutting out 50% of the potential intake each year – its madness. We know from those we do attract and take on that they are in the main high quality young apprentices with a huge amount to offer,” says Yasmin.

 “At school leaving age, we know those who could have an interest are more likely to listen to their peer group than to adults, so it makes huge sense to ask these very confident and frequently capable young women to hear the views and experience of those in the early stages of their career who are already making such a success of their choice as an electrician, plumber or heating engineer.

“We only started the programme in summer 2013 but we have already seen extremely positive results from the activity of the initial Ambassador group.”

We are consistently growing our share of apprenticeship training in building services engineering, and are delighted to be among those shortlisted and hope to do well at the Awards night, which is taking place at the London’s Grosvenor Park Hotel on 16thApril.

 “It’s excellent news,” says JTL Chairman Dr Ian Livsey. “JTL is passionate about bringing more women into the trades within the building services engineering sector. We cannot continue to ignore half the population. This nomination recognises the excellence of the female ambassadors we are working with. Many talented women are put off successful careers in the H&V sector because of poor careers advice they get from their schools. Whatever the outcome of the awards nomination, we will work tirelessly with H&V News to promote women in the sector, and we call on all in the education world to ensure more women are given the best advice, guidance and opportunity to succeed in the H&V sector.”

It also worth mentioning that one of our own apprentices Jack Kleyn is up for Apprentice of the Year with his employer Balfour Beatty.  

The H&V News Awards take place on Thursday 16 April 2015 at the Grosvener House Hotel, Park Lane, London.

H&V News Finalist 2015

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