JTL and JFH offer chance to change

09 November 2015     JTL

JTL is working alongside Blackpool-based organization Jobs, Friends and Houses to give two adult apprentices the opportunity to turn their lives around.

Jobs, Friends and Houses supports and employs people who are in recovery from addiction, offending, homelessness, mental health problems, long-term unemployment or family breakdown, and helps the individuals to gain meaningful employment, join a peer support network, and access stable accommodation.

The two trainees have worked hard to turn their lives around, and showed great personal growth and commitment to their chosen fields.

They have now been volunteering with Jobs, Friends and Houses for the last few months, and in their time as volunteers have undertaken a range of tasks. This has included learning skills in plumbing and plastering, though the trade of choice for both of them is electrical.

In late October, having completed their time as volunteers, the two were given a surprise presentation by JTL and Jobs, Friends and Houses, where it was announced that they were both to become paid members of the JFH team. Their employment will see them earning a living wage, as they work with JFH while completing electrical apprenticeships with JTL.

Jean Hessey, JTL Engagement Officer, and Tony Lett, JTL Training Officer, were present alongside many Jobs, Friends and Houses staff to make the presentation and give a short speech to the two individuals.

As was announced at the presentation by Jobs, Friends and Houses CEO and Founder Steve Hodgkins, the pair will be working as sub-contractors on the new build of a police station in Blackpool, and will have an input on design, as well as assisting with the development.

Jobs, Friends and Houses are a community-interest company based in Blackpool

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