JTL apprentice picks up TClarke award

23 March 2015     JTL

With our own National Awards only having taken place a few weeks ago, the accolades are still coming in thick and fast for JTL learners, with our very own Jack Hammond named Apprentice of the Year by leading employer TClarke.

A nationally recognised building services group; TClarke take on a number of JTL apprentices each year, and in celebrating the exploits and skills of their young learners, named 21-year-old Jack as “the best of the best”.

Having beaten off competition from TClarke East finalist Daniel Lack and Scotland finalist Kyle McGovern, Jack, based in London, was labelled an “impressive and confident young man.”

“In his interview, it was very clear that he does have what he himself called ‘the hunger and drive to excel in this company’”, said TClarke’s Head of Training John Burrows.

“He was nominated by TClarke London’s Divisional Director Charlie Cork, who identified the fact that Jack shows a level of practical skills above the norm and has a fantastic attitude to any job.

John continues: “Like the other candidates, he backs up a positive approach to work and experience on-site with very sound results at college. And like the others he also shows a real determination to keep improving in every area.

“In what was a very close contest, Jack’s initiative, in taking and himself paying for an additional Inspection and Testing course, so that he is ready to complete his apprenticeship and move his career forward with maximum pace, was something that stood out, alongside his confidence, determination and attitude to work.

“Jack Hammond is another young apprentice at TClarke who quite rightly looks at the senior people across our business, sees that they too have started where he is now, and has the desire to aim high for himself.

“He’s a worthy winner of the TClarke Apprentice of the Year.”

JTL would like to commend all three finalists, offer our congratulations to Jack, and wish them all the very best as they continue on through the rest of their apprenticeships and into their future careers.

Jack Hammond, TClarke Apprentice of the Year 2014

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