JTL apprentice wins Oxfordshire Young Engineer Award

14 July 2015     JTL

JTL apprentice Nathan Steele’s excellent work has been recognised, with the 18-year-old awarded the prestigious ‘Best Apprentice’ title in the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire Young Engineer Awards 2015.

Put forward for the award by his JTL Training Officer John Western, Nathan has overcome a range of difficulties at home to walk away with the award. His circumstances might well have seen him struggle and fall behind, rather than excel and show the huge potential he has since he started his apprenticeship with Wheelers (Oatpoint) Ltd in September 2013.

Wheelers (Oatpoint) Ltd, based in Cholsey, is a NICEIC approved contractor and a member of the Electrical Contractors' Association. The firm works in a range of sectors  - home and domestic electrical work, commercial, agriculture and farming, industrial and education and Education Authority work.

JTL Training Officer John Western has taken Nathan under his wing since the youngster started his apprenticeship, and is glowing in his praise for what his apprentice has achieved so far.

“Nathan has had a difficult home life which, at his age, can be very disruptive to his chances of success in whatever his chosen field might be. He was forced to move to accommodation over an hour from his employer’s premises, but far from being late or simply not turning up, he has applied himself impeccably.

“His timekeeping, his attitude and motivation have been quite excellent, and his progression through his apprenticeship and his personal development have, in the circumstances been quite outstanding.”

As well as becoming an exceptionally reliable employee and a valued asset to the company, he has kept up with his college work – attending one day a week – and has excelled in his class there. As well as developing his skills on-site for his employer, Nathan has progressed above and beyond the average performance of his peers – no small achievement for a young man that has had to overcome some significant difficulties along the way.

“Nathan’s track record of success has been reflected in his college reports and progress reviews as well,” said John.

“His employers have played a crucial role in his development – Kevin, Kim and the team at Wheelers have been extremely encouraging and supportive, providing sound practical support without being too imposing as Nathan established himself in his role. He’s a credit to himself, to his employer and to JTL – he has every reason to be very proud of what he is achieving. I am delighted his efforts have been recognised in this way.”

JTL apprentice Nathan Steele receives his award from High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Tom Birch Reynardson

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