JTL Opens Latest Electrical Training Centre in Carlisle

13 June 2019     JTL

Last Wednesday - 12th June 2019 - saw the official opening of the leading work-based training company JTL’s latest dedicated training centre in Carlisle. With a brand new and fully equipped electrical workshop, the centre has been designed to offer top quality training to electrical apprentices in the Carlisle and wider Cumbria area.

The centre was officially launched by JTL’s Chief Executive Jon Graham, Jo Lappin, CEO of Cumbria LEP and the new Mayor of Carlisle, Councillor Marilyn Bowman.

This centre is the latest in a number of dedicated centres and joint ventures that JTL has launched in the last few years. JTL now has its own centres operating successfully in Birmingham, Tankersley, Norwich, Oxford, Yeovil, Orpington, Maidstone, Ashford and Langley Mill in Nottinghamshire – and of course now in Carlisle. There are plans for a further centre to open in York later this year.

Every young person JTL works alongside has the support of a dedicated Training Officer.  Many of JTL’s Training Officers have been ‘on the tools’ themselves and so they understand the pressures and the needs of young people coming through a work-based training programme and are able to effectively listen and mentor their apprentices during their training. They also work as liaison officers with local employers, making sure both apprentice and employer are content with the way things progress throughout the apprenticeship – which is typically 4 years.

Introducing JTL to the attendees at the opening Chief Executive Jon Graham said: “We are delighted to be here in Carlisle and the welcome we have received already has been very rewarding and clearly shows there is an appetite for the kind of training we offer here in the city and the surroundings areas.  At present we are planning to run electrical apprenticeships on block release delivering the necessary training over two years - the full apprenticeship still remains as four years - but delivering block release training works particularly well for companies that work away from their base.  We currently have one block in the first year and one in the 2nd year ready to work from this centre.

“We will also be offering day release training here from September and this will be delivered over three years, so we will have block and day options available for employers and we expect to run one stream of each from September.

“We are looking to recruit new apprentices to join us from September, to join the 19 apprentices currently in their 2nd year and the 16 who are in their first year.

“We’ve been recruiting apprentices across the North West and in Cumbria for many years and it may come as no surprise to you to hear that recruitment has improved since we announced the opening of this centre. It’s important that employers recognise that we consider this centre as their centre.  It’s important to us that our open invitation to them to visit and see what we do, gives them the opportunity to help us develop the training here to reflect the skills and attitudes that they see as important, as we develop their future employees.”

For more information about JTL's Carlisle Training Centre, visit, /about-jtl/jtl-training-centres/jtl-training-centre-carlisle

Jo Lappin, CEO of Cumbria LEP, Jon Graham, JTL Chief Executive and the Mayor of Carlisle, Councillor Marilyn Bowman

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