New JTL training centre opened in Norwich

27 March 2015     JTL

In their ongoing efforts to offer the opportunities of top quality appprenticeships for young people, JTL has today (Friday 27 March 2015) opened a brand new training centre in Norwich, Norfolk. The new centre will be officially opened by Lord Mayor of Norwich, Councillor Judith Lubbock.

As one of the UK’s leading training providers, and with our National Centre of Excellence already opened and fully funcitoning in Birmingham, JTL has increased apprenticeship and professional development learning opportunities in the Norwich area with significant investment in its new electrical training centre at Bowthorpe Industrial Estate, worth £100,000.

At full capacity, the centre will be able to offer training to 100 learners looking to complete their Level 3 apprenticeship qualification in either electrical installation or electrical maintenance, along with qualifications such as the Inspection & Testing or 17th Edition short courses.

The decision to acquire and then equip the new Norwich centre followed events last July when 35 existing JTL apprentices in the area, including new starters, were without a centre for learning as a result of the demise of former local training company EAGIT. Now, young people on the four year apprenticeship will attend the JTL centre on block release over the first two years to acquire theoretical knowledge and workshop skills.

JTL is looking to engage with electrical employers who are looking for new apprentices to join them, in the Norwich and wider area between now and September, who can be assisted in finding the best applicants to interview whilst both employers and apprentices benefit from these new facilities. As JTL is not linked to any particular college, groups can be started at any time in the year and need not wait for the traditional ‘September Starts’.

Interest in apprenticeship careers in the electrical sector has grown considerably over the last three years, and JTL recruitment has regularly exceeded the national figures quite considerably. The business has benefited from successful rates of achievement that out-strip the national average and provide employers with additional confidence in knowing that their investment in an apprentice has the best possibility of producing encouraging business payback results. Quite remarkably, it is calculated that one in every two newly qualified electricians across England and Wales do so as a consequence of a JTL apprenticeship.

The investment in the new centre by JTL is a tangible statement of faith in the future progression of apprenticeships within Norfolk. The county has a mixture of smaller electrical employers and others that cover a wider part of East Anglia. With the expectation that the requirements for electrical skills will rise over the coming years, this career choice is being better understood as a genuine and valid alternative for many bright young people who may choose an apprenticeship over going to university. This may be a reluctance to incur student loan debts that could exceed £30,000 by the end of their courses or simply that they have had enough of the academic option and are attracted by the option of ‘earning while they learn'.

You can find all of the photos from the opening of JTL's Norwich Training Centre here.

The official opening of JTL's Training Centre in Norwich

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