Monument Tools Partnership

19 August 2014     JTL

New recruits on JTL apprenticeship programmes in plumbing and heating and ventilating are receiving a free start-up set of tools, thanks to a unique partnership between JTL and leading supplier Monument Tools.

This partnership has already made useful savings for employers looking to grow their workforce and has provided a useful kit for apprentices starting out in the trade. The kit includes the following:-

 The toolkit includes the following:-

• 15mm JTL Autocut
• 22mm JTL Autocut
• 12in Hacksaw Frame
• 5m x 25mm Monument Tape Measure
• Junior Hacksaw
• 15 and 22mm Fitting Spanner
• 3/8in Rad and 10mm Valve Span
• Valve Spanner and Air Rel Key
• Multi-Purpose 4-way key
• 42mm Plastic Pipe Cutter
• 6in Black Handle Wide Jaw Adjustable 34mm
• 10in Black Handle Wide Jaw Adjustable 50mm
• Box Spanner Set
• JTL/Monumnet Tools Toolbag


For further information about Monument Tools please visit the website here.

Partnership Means New Entrants are Tooled up for Success

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