More JTL apprentices collect Klein toolkits

22 July 2016     JTL

More than 175 more JTL apprentices collected their Klein Tools kits on Thursday (21 July 2016), as part of the second distribution of the fully-stocked toolkits to new JTL apprentices.

The apprentices collected the kits from their local CEF (City Electrical Factors) branches across England and Wales, in what was the second mass distribution of Klein toolkits to JTL apprentices. The toolkits, worth around £250 each, contain all of the necessary items of kit that a young electrician will need to get their career started in the best possible way. The provision of the toolkit also means that employers do not have to worry about the outlay of new tools for any apprentices that they take on.

Nearly 50 different CEF branches across England and Wales were used in this distribution, with the £1 million partnership between JTL and the American tool manufacturer scheduled to take place over five years. The hopes are that the partnership will aid the efforts of more than 10,000 apprentices over that five year period.

If you want to get your hands on a Klein toolkit, and are interested in becoming a JTL apprentice, check out our live apprenticeship vacancies right now!

More than 175 first-year JTL electrical apprentices collected their Klein toolkits

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