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21 November 2014     JTL

Lilleker Bros Ltd of Rotherham and Intelect UK Ltd of Middlesbrough have been named as Best Employers of the Year in the Yorkshire and North East areas, respectively, by JTL.

In JTL’s efforts to provide top class electrical apprenticeships and plumbing apprenticeships to young people, many different employers become a part of the process, helping to provide on-the-job experience where trades can be learned and honed. At the ongoing “Apprentice of the Year” ceremonies taking place throughout England and Wales, where the brightest and most outstanding young talents are rewarded and recognised, JTL has also taken the opportunity to pay tribute to the best of these employers, with Lilleker Bros and Intelect UK earning the regional title on this occasion.

The winners were announced at JTL’s Yorkshire and North East Apprentice of the Year Awards, held at the National Railway Museum in York, on Tuesday 4 November 2014.

On the company’s relationship with Lilleker, JTL Regional Training Officer Leon Polkey said: “JTL has worked with Lilleker for 20 years and they’ve always been proactive in their approach to recruiting, training and developing their staff. As a result, they have a very loyal workforce, many of whom started as apprentices and have chosen to stay with the company. There’s a firm focus on training, thanks to management awareness that high level skills and a dedicated team mean top quality customer service.

“I was delighted that Lilleker won JTL’s Yorkshire regional employer award”, Polkey added. “The company and its staff are a pleasure to work with.”

Speaking about North East winner Intelect, JTL’s Assistant Regional Manager Paul Moorcock said: “I have always found Intelect to be a professional and caring company. The welfare of their apprentices is paramount to the Intelect management team – they see them as an investment in their future – and they work tirelessly to ensure all their apprentices get the best chance.

“They see the young trainees as the electricians, supervisors and project managers of the future and the number of past apprentices now in senior positions is testament to that.”

JTL’s Awards Season continues this Friday evening (November 21) when the Southern Apprentice of the Year ceremony takes place at Tylney Hall, Hampshire.

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Lilleker Bros Ltd of Rotherham and Intelect UK Ltd of Middlesbrough have been named as Best Employers of the Year

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