Two ex-apprentices take on training officer roles

11 November 2015     JTL

Two ex-JTL electrical apprentices have completed the circle and returned to their apprenticeship provider – as training officers, helping young people qualify through their own apprenticeships.

Both based in the North East, Shaun Marshall from Sunderland and Stuart Osborne from Darlington have returned to the scenes of their apprenticeships to share their expertise and skills with young people looking to make a career for themselves in the electrical sector.

Paul Moorcock is JTL’s Assistant Manager in the North East. “It’s great to welcome these two guys back to JTL in their new roles”, he said.

“We like to appoint new training officers that know and understand the ethos of JTL as a charitable business, who having benefitted from the way we do things, will slot into our way of working quickly and easily – and that’s the case with Shaun and Stuart. These are exciting times for JTL - a company that specialises in the provision of apprenticeships in the building services engineering sector in England and Wales – predominantly electricians and plumbers.

“We have seen in excess of 2,000 new apprenticeship starts this year, meaning we currently have more than 6,000 apprentices at various stages of their apprenticeships and we’re working with more than 3,500 employers – so the popularity of apprenticeships in this sector are increasing impressively.”

Its JTL’s 25th year in business and in that time they have seen over 33,000 apprentices qualify and move into worthwhile careers.

Every JTL apprentice has access to their own locally based personal training officer who is there to help them through their apprenticeships, offering support and guidance and to be a mentor through the three or four year courses they take.

“I was always really grateful to have access to my training officer when I was an apprentice back in the early 2000s,” says Shaun Marshall. “It was a system that worked really well and it was great to know there was someone there I could contact and talk to about anything – work or personal life related.

“It’s a role I really enjoy and it’s hugely rewarding to see young people working hard to achieve their potential.”

Stuart enjoys the role, seeing young people through the apprenticeship from recruitment to qualification.

“I get involved in recruiting new young apprentices and in assessing their work during their apprenticeship”, he explains.

“We also play a vital role in providing support and advice to the employers who take on these apprentices too – it’s ensuring that everything goes smoothly for both the young person and their employer through the apprenticeship.”

JTL has a team of over 160 training officers across England and Wales and provide this value added service at no cost to the employers. It’s a quality of support that is rare in the apprenticeship system and its value is reflected in the levels of success that JTL experiences from its apprentices – exceeding the UK average success levels for apprenticeships in these disciplines by a significant percentage each year.

“The roles Shaun and Stuart carry out for us are vital to our success and it’s great to see two of our successful apprentices wanting to come back and pass on their expertise,” says Paul Moorcock.

JTL is one of the UK's leading apprenticeship providers

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