Inspection and Testing (EAL)

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Who will benefit:

Delivered over 5 days, this qualification is aimed at experienced personnel working in the electrical industry, looking to gain an understanding of Initial Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations together with Electrical Installation Condition Reports.


This qualification is intended for qualified electricians/supervisors who have experience in inspection and testing and certifying electrical installations, candidates should have passed the BS 7671 18th Edition and have a working knowledge of the current IET Guidance note 3.

Learners with earlier qualifications

If you hold one of the single qualifications for either Initial Verification or Condition Reporting and wish to complete the other qualification, please contact JTL Customer Services for more information. We still offer these qualifications, if required.

Course Content

  • The legal responsibilities of an inspector
  • The general requirements of BS 7671 relating to initial verification
  • The inspection process and testing requirements for new installations
  • How to complete certain BS 7671 certificates
  • The reasons for electrical inspection
  • How to code electrical inspection items
  • Greater understanding of testing
  • How to complete the new Electrical Installation Condition Report Form 


One online multiple-choice examination and two practical assessments.

EAL accreditted.

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