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Jon Graham Chief Executive of JTL  

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“We have seen many changes in the industry over the last three decades but today, JTL is playing an important role in raising the profile and appeal of apprenticeships to help create a body of trade professionals that reflects the enormous diversity of the communities it serves. Ultimately, a JTL apprenticeship gives aspiring tradespeople an increased chance of securing a job in their chosen industry, which we understand is a much-needed reassurance in the current climate.

This year marks a truly special anniversary for everybody involved with JTL as we celebrate thirty years of training people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported JTL over the years, from apprentices and training officers to employees and industry bodies, plus all those working behind the scenes to help establish JTL as the leading training provider it is today.”



Caroline Turner, Director of Policy & External Relations/Company Secretary

Caroline Turner

Caroline has worked at JTL since the very start, we asked her…

What does JTL mean to you? 

Despite the inevitable bumps in the road, I have always enjoyed working for JTL.  My role has changed a number of times over the years but I have always been involved in the decision-making process and have seen the company evolve and change to become what it is today.  The best part of the job has always been the people that I have worked with and encountered along the way - from apprentices and employers through to staff and Board members and the various stakeholders.  People in training tend to be passionate about what they do and I think that shines through in JTL.  I believe wholeheartedly in what JTL does – taking young people and giving them a career for life, watching them turn from school children into adults. 


Paul Hughes, Assistant Manager at JTL

 Paul Hughes

Paul used to be a JTL Apprentice, we asked him what he thinks about JTL’s accomplishments…


From your perspective, what would you say are JTL’s greatest accomplishments over the years? 

I think the amount of learners that have been trained by JTL is astounding. It’s almost unbelievable when you stop and consider how many electricians have qualified thanks to JTL. That is an outstanding achievement. 


Richard Clarke, National Apprenticeships and Skills Officer At Unite the Union


Richard recalls his earliest memory of JTL…


What is your earliest memory of JTL, how were you introduced to the organisation? 

I remember the formation of JTL in 1990, I was a senior apprentice under the electrical JIB following the City & Guilds and CITB route at work and college through to AM2. The next intake of junior apprentices then commenced their apprenticeships via JTL, and since then the organisation has gone from strength to strength and firmly established itself as the industry’s own provider.

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