Level Up – Success Stories

After studying for an apprenticeship, a career as a skilled tradesperson can take you on many exciting pathways. Click on the profiles below to read about where some of our JTL apprentices are now.

Tom Lawson

Trainee Estimator

I now have the role of trainee estimator within my company. It’s challenging and has been a total change of scenery since my time on site but I enjoy the responsibility and look forward to progressing my career.

What made you decide to do an apprenticeship rather than take a different path?

I had always been a practical person and enjoyed using my hands. Instead of taking on a degree after completing sixth form college I decided that a job where I could earn and learn would be the most suitable way to move forward with my career.

What did you like the most about your apprenticeship? Was there anything you disliked?

I really enjoyed being able to use what I had learnt in the classroom and in college to use on site. I was able to develop my skills in theory and back it up with practical experience. Being able to relate topics and discussions in college to work that I had been carrying out on site was very rewarding and gave me a good sense of job satisfaction.

What was the most interesting job you have ever worked on?

For two years of my apprenticeship I worked on a brand new, purpose built, state of the art pet food manufacturing facility. The job was so varied and involved heavy industrial electrical engineering, lighting, and small power. I was able to learn everything about the role of an electrician on one site. The project was highly technical and brought in suppliers and contractors from all over the world which was a great environment to work in.

What job position do you now hold and what does your role entail?

Since completing my apprenticeship and after a successful apprentice of the year competition my employer asked me if I would like to move into our head office and assume the role of a trainee estimator. The role involves interpreting information from different projects to build up a price and hopefully win more work for the company. The role is challenging and has been a total change of scenery since my time on site, but I enjoy the responsibility and look forward to progressing my career. I also have assumed the role of a mental health first aider as well as working alongside our directors to offer my knowledge and guidance to the current apprentices in the business.

What advice would you give to school leavers who might be uncertain about taking an apprenticeship?

If they enjoy a practical approach to work and would like to have the opportunity to earn money whilst they earn, then an apprenticeship is the best way forward. The apprenticeship sets you up for your future career and allows you to combine technical theoretical knowledge with onsite practical experience which I believe leads to a very rewarding and satisfying career.