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Power Up is a FREE resource offering bite-sized digital courses. It is designed to understand your continued professional training needs and assist JTL in providing further professional courses based on your feedback. It enables us to support you throughout your career with relevant on-going guidance and information. At the end of the courses there is chance to feedback. This is really helpful so we can ensure new topics are interesting and relevant to you.


EV Charging Points30 mins

After completing this introductory course you will have an understanding of electric vehicles and what is required for safe, compliant electric vehicle charge for installations.
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Introduction to Smart Homes30 mins

Consumers are turning to smart technology to control and monitor things such as lighting, temperature and home security needs, take this course to learn about the future of smart technology in the home.
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An Introduction to Safe Isolation30 mins

After completing this course you will have a good understanding of the main stages of safe isolation, the legislation that governs this process and other potential risks that can be avoided by following up with additional tests and checks.
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Inspection & Testing30 mins

After completing this course you will have a clearer understanding of the processes of inspection and testing, concentrating on the differences between initial verification and periodic inspection as well as what is involved in completing the tests. Register & Sign-up

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