Tune Up – Toolbox Tips

Our expert tutors have selected a number of films and clips from some of the industry’s most watched and recognised influencers on YouTube. Tune Up is a way for you to watch useful video content containing hints, tips and discussions which could help you in your day to day job.

Plumber Parts

How to install kitchen undersink pipework

James at Plumber Parts offers easy to follow tutorials for some of your common plumbing queries. With over 175,000 subscribers on YouTube he is trusted by the industry to provide handy tips, advice and guidance. In this video James looks at an easy way to install undersink pipework in a kitchen.

Plumber Parts

How to install a wetroom shower

Here James shows you how to install a wet room shower from start to finish using the ‘Death star’. The video also gives you an exclusive view under the floorboards and under the shower so you are able to see the installation and it being used. The result is a modern, fresh and professional bathroom space.

Artisan Electrics

EICR Testing Procedure

Artisan Electrics are a group of electricians working in the Cambridge area of England. Their channel promises to focus on the working day to day life of an electrician and talks about products they rate and tips for everyday electrical problems and solutions. This video takes you through the inspection and testing on an unoccupied one bedroom flat. If you would like to refresh your knowledge on Inspection and testing click here to find out about our bite-sized course

Artisan Electrics

Fault Finding Lighting Circuit

This video forms part of a series of clips filmed in a scout hut where the electrics had been poorly installed. In this short episode Jordan talks through fault finding in a lighting circuit and discovers some horrors!

Artisan Electrics

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

More people are transitioning to electric vehicles. As they do so there will be an increased demand to have an electrical charging point installed at their homes. This video takes you through the installation and what it involves.